Het team en de kinderen in YKPA plaatsen vaak leuke berichtjes op facebook. Over wat ze die dag gedaan hebben, welke lieve mensen er langs zijn geweest of over een succes die ze behaald hebben. Twee weken geleden schreef Putu het onderstaand berichtje (in engels), welke wij graag met jullie willen delen. Naast dat het een inspirerend verhaal is voor de andere kinderen, is het ook een mooi voorbeeld van wat YKPA voor straatarme kinderen kan betekenen.

“Every child in our orphanage comes from a different background and has a different past. Some of the children are coming from a physical or sexual abuse situation, some from a very poor family resident in a remote area in Bali or Sumba Island, some from the street where they needed to sell stuff and some from a single mom who couldn’t afford to take care.


Kadek Rika is one of our kids who was able to graduate from high school and had the opportunity to study in one of the colleges in Bali. However, at one point she decided to quit college and start to work. She has a strong mind, is willing to work hard and is eager to learn as much as she can in her jobs. She even said that she will prove it to us that she will be successful in her life. Now, a few years later, we met again in a restaurant where she treats me for lunch. She shared how she started her first job and how she became who she is right now. Her determination to be successful is inspiring for others. Nowadays, she has a very good job and about to build a house in her village.

The YKPA orphanages have been a bridge for so many kids like Kadek Rika. For 14 years already, we try to give them a better life, the opportunity to study, the healthcare they need, basic life skills and teach them to be responsible, independent and hardworking.”

Een weerzien met een van de kinderen van YKPA